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Welcome to the George Sand's country...

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Château de Saint-Chartier

chateau de st chartier -
chateau de st chartier -

Here is where the action in George Sand’s novel Les Maîtres Sonneurs (The Master Pipers) takes place. “It is a formidable manor house, quite whole and fine to live in, though it has not much furniture. .. .It is the sturdiest of the whole Province, and was for many years the residence of the Princes of Bas Berry”. This imposing fortress was built at the end of the twelfth century, rebuilt in the fifteenth century, and extensively remodelled at the end of the nineteenth century. The International Festival of Instrument Makers and Master Pipers has been held in its gardens since 1976. It takes place every year on the weekend closest to July 14th, with events including courses, concerts, and exhibitions. Private castle


LocationChâteau de Saint-Chartier Le Bourg 36400 SAINT-CHARTIER

Ouvert du 01/01/2021 au 31/12/2021

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