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Welcome to the George Sand's country...

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La Pommeraie idéale

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La Pommeraie Idéale is a country prak dedicated to fruit trees and more particularly, apple trees. A series of seven gardens present through very different aspects, the origins, history, culinary use, techniques and aesthetic use of the Apple tree through the ages. Old and regional apple varieties are mainly on display, so the theme of fruit-tree heritage is as much in the spotlight as artistic creativity. This orchard is also a place for relaxation and day-dreaming. Seven gardens: The Flavour is in the Name, Wild Apple-Tree Undergrowth, Russet-Apple Paddock, the Game of Hide-and-Seek, the Cloister...


LocationLa Pommeraie idéale Les Roulets 36230 SAINT-DENIS-DE-JOUHET
Full adult price10,00
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