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La Mare au diable

La Mare au Diable - © Hélène Prudent
La Mare au Diable - © Hélène Prudent
La mare au diable à Mers-sur-Indre - © Hellio et Van Ingen
La mare au diable à Mers-sur-Indre - © Hellio et Van Ingen

La Mare au Diable (The Devil’s Pool), one of George Sand’s most famous novels, “a little chef d’oeuvre”, as Sainte Beuve called it. A young widower, Germain the labourer, father of three children, is advised by his father-in-law to marry again. But he is put off the young woman his father-in-law favours by her excessive frivolity. Almost without knowing it, however, he falls in love with the simple soul that is the young Marie. One of the most touching scenes of this idyll shows the two young people spending an evening on the edge of the pool. The child falls asleep by the fire, while the hero and heroine talk quietly under the stars of a quiet night in Berry. Follow in the footsteps of Germain and little Marie, through the woods of Chanteloube !


LocationLa Mare au diable Route de La Mare au Diable 36230 MERS-SUR-INDRE

Ouvert du 01/01/2021 au 31/12/2021

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